Korean TV Corner

My First Drama

The very first Korean drama I saw was introduced to me by my wife, Myann. At first glance, I did not think it would be anything to get excited about, although I do like to watch foreign movies since other cultures are interesting to me.

This is a historical drama set in 1787 AD, revolving around the establishment of a Korean royal dynasty. At this point in time, there was no North or South Korea, just one big pininsula with different warring factions. The thing that drew my attention was the first episode's introduction and the detail in character costumes/outfits. The acting, locations, scenery, and story are fantastic and I am thankful to my wife for getting me to watch it.

  • Song il-Gook
  • as Jumong
  • Han Hye-Jin
  • as Lady Soh Suh No
  • Jun Kwang-Ryul
  • as King Geum-Hwa
  • Oh Yeon-Soo
  • as Lady Yoo-Hwa
  • Hae Joon-Ho
  • as Hae Mo Su
  • Kim Seong-Soo
  • as Prince Dae-So
  • Won Ki-Joon
  • as Prince Yeong-Po